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“He’s proud to have served others.”

Last Patrol volunteers honored Joe Stephenson, an Army veteran in hospice. Joe was born in South Carolina and remains closest friends with 2 brothers. Our team presented Joe several patriotic honors and a Congressional Letter.

He was president of his High School class and an excellent football player. He graduated from @Davidson College with an Economics degree. Then he joined the Army and did duty in France during the Cold War, serving in Logistics.

Joe shares that he “wrote letters home about every day,” and missed his family. After military service he worked for McKesson Robbins, a drug company. While there he met the love of his life on a blind date. They married and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Joe left the drug business and operated his own hardware store for many years before serving as Director and founder of the Fairfield County disabilities and special needs association. There he was able to help so many of those less fortunate than he and felt that this was his true calling.

While now in hospice care with @VIA Hospice, Joe is still very proud that he was able to serve his country. His family is very proud of him and the love and guidance and leadership that he has showered on them. We salute, you, Sir.


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