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Soldier stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked, Dec 7th, 1941. He was scheduled to come home that day. Went on to fight in many Pacific battles.

Mission Statement

Last Patrol: Serving veterans by bringing new friends to veterans in hospice.


America’s veterans served their country. They protected us and our way of life. We must stand by them.

Our veterans know about patrolling land, sea, and air. Veterans in hospice are on their final fight and in their last patrol.  Whether it goes by the name “battle buddy” or “shipmate” or “wingman” --- all veterans understand that tough assignments are best faced together. 

How We Make A Difference

Last Patrol connects veteran volunteers to veterans in hospice. We cooperate with medical providers of hospice care to connect volunteers to the patients so that their last patrol isn’t alone. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of friendship during end-of-life care. Last Patrol brings new friendships when friendship matters most.

When America’s veterans go into hospice care they often lose contact with family, friends, and with the military community. Some are alone. Some sit quietly in nursing homes. Many families are loving and attentive to their hospice patient, but appreciate getting the support, connection, and information that a friend from the military community can provide. Last Patrol helps provide that support.

Some stories are only shared between veterans. The exceptio​nality of military experience is such that a special bond of service results. Many veterans describe their military service as a singularly unique period of their lives. As many veterans approach death, meeting a new supportive friend, sharing stories, and reawaking memories of “patrolling” with their buddies can be richly rewarding for both the patient and their families, as well as veteran volunteers. Last Patrol brings that service.


WWII Gunner's Mate on the Battleship Missouri. Witnessed the Japanese surrender ceremony. Living with daughter.


WWII Navy Veteran in both Pacific & Atlantic theaters. Survived sinking submarine. No family.

How Can You Help?

Be a Friend to a Patient in Hospice​

Tell Us About a Patient in Need​

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