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“My Navy service are some of my best memories.” (December 1st, 2023)

Updated: Jan 5

Last Patrol honored Wallace Martin, a Navy veteran in hospice care with @PruittHealth Hospice. 

“Wally” was born in Detroit in 1928, one of 16 children! He was star High School baseball pitcher and right fielder.

He joined the Navy at the tail end of WWII, 1945, completing his military service in 1947, serving in the Panama Canal Zone. His love for aviation got him into Air Traffic Control, and once out of the Navy he went to work for United Airlines, eventually retiring as a District Sales Manager. He also served as VP of the Des Moines, IA, Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife married in 1962 and have 2 children, a son and a daughter.

We presented Wally several patriotic gifts, including an Honorary Baseball, and wish him well as he proceeds on his Last Patrol.


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