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“It was my honor.”

Last Patrol volunteers recognized a remarkable veteran in hospice care with @Vcare Hospice. We celebrated the service and life of Stan Moore with patriotic gifts and awards, including a Congressional letter from @Rep William Timmons.

Stan is a Marine veteran of WWII and Vietnam. He was born in Forest City, NC, the oldest of 3 siblings. His dad died when Stan was 9, leaving the family in severe financial straits. Stan got sent to an orphanage because government assistance wasn’t available to families in those days.  At 16, he ran away, joining the Marines soon after.

Stan served on Iwo Jima as a combat photographer. After WWII he went to school to study electronics. Later he volunteered for 2 tours of duty in Vietnan.

A lifetime supporter of military service, his invariable response when asked whether he recommended the military was: “it will make a man out of you.” 

Watch an interview of Stan that we did a couple of years ago:

Stan was witty, loyal, and a patriot. He’s widely loved by his friends, family, and fellow veterans, and will be missed. Sadly, Stan moved on to Post Everlasting the day after our honor ceremony.


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